Strength Training & Functional Training

Pilates Works offers one-on-one strength training in downtown Oakville, Ontario.

We are more than a private Pilates studio. We offer complete and practical strength training. In our private gym, and under the guidance of a knowledgeable personal trainer, we help clients get stronger.

Muscular strength improves overall fitness and quality of life. And so, strength training is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Why Strength Training?

Done properly, muscle-strengthening activities are an important part of a complete physical fitness programme. In fact, both Health Canada and the US Department of Health and Human Services recommend including muscle building in your physical activity regimen.

Our personal training builds lean muscle. It also increases your metabolism, helps your body burn calories more efficiently and reduces body fat. In fact, studies show that including muscle-building activities as part of a weight loss program provides the best results. (Mayo Clinic, US National Library of Medicine)

Strength training offers even more health benefits. Like Pilates, better muscle conditioning helps you stabilize your body, improving balance. And by putting safe stress loads on your bones, strength training increases your bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis. (US National Library of Medicine)

Our strength training does not aim to maximize vanity muscle or bulk. We help our clients build lean muscle.

We focus on the essential Four Factors to Spinal Health:

Stability, Flexibility, Endurance & Strength

MedX strength training equipment, Pilates Works, Oakville, Ontario
MedX strength training equipment, Pilates Works, Oakville, Ontario

What Is Functional Training?

Functional Training prepares your body for real-life movements and actions. It builds the strength, flexibility and range of motion you require to survive. Whether that includes lifting heavy bags or shovelling snow, functional training gets you through your regular activities. It will help you perform everyday movements such as squatting, reaching, pulling and lifting both more easily and with less chance of injury.

Functional training improves overall quality of life.

MedX Strength Training Equipment

Pilates Works uses the most technically advanced strength training equipment on the market: MedX. It was developed by the founder of Nautilus, in pursuit of scientifically designed and medically proven fitness, sport and rehabilitation equipment.

MedX is abbreviated from “Medical Exercise”.

Developed in conjunction with university researchers and medical doctors, MedX equipment is still used in advanced research settings and for training world-class athletes and professional sports teams (including the Toronto Maple Leafs). MedX claims more scientific and evidence-based research than all other equipment manufacturers combined.

Pilates Works uses the industry’s best strength training equipment to complement our industry-leading and custom Pilates equipment. Our private Oakville gym provides a clean, quiet space for your training. No waiting for equipment and no distractions, just you, your personal trainer and the best strength training equipment available today.

Getting Started With Strength Training

We welcome clients to focus entirely on functional strength training if that is your preference. However, strength training & Pilates are complementary forms of exercise. Combined, the two provide a broad fitness regimen that helps you burn fat, tone muscle and increase your metabolism while improving flexibility, balance and overall spinal health. We recommend both as part of your complete, overall fitness programme.

One-on-one strength training with a Pilates Works trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals. Contact us with your questions or to book your initial 1-hour fitness assessment.

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Tibor and Christine feel that the Core Spinal Fitness System by MedX meets the goal for all of our clients. With the strength training on these bio-mechanically precise machines you target the correct muscle groups and improve flexibility. Results are assured.

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